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Hello, stranger.

I am a girl: a daughter, sister, and aunt. I am a follower of Christ. I am a scribbler, a learner, a reader, and a dreamer.

I love conversation but I am energised by being alone. I cherish small moments. I love people. I like the smell of books. I think words are important. I know that cheeseburgers and chocolate cake are both excellent. I like to smile. I believe there is a heaven and a hell. I'm happy that grace is within reach of us all. And I particularly appreciate reading by candlelight on rainy evenings.

Friend at will; please say hi.
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I just got dealt my card for the [community profile] trope_bingo  and oh my!

handcuffed / bound togetherau: coffee shopau: bandcensored to keep it PGgenderswap
secret relationshipau: steampunksharing a bedimmortality / reincarnationsecret twin / doppelganger
au: neighborsmind controlFREE

curtainficaccidental marriage
au: historicalamnesiasecret childlocked inanimal transformation
huddle for warmthau: cop / detectivesnowed inin vino veritas / drunkficau: were / vamp / supernatural

Argh, I'm so excited! I'm gonna try for a cross bingo, I think. Curtainfic YAY! Secret child YAY! Neighbours AU yay!
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I hadn't realised I was missing poetry until I discovered it again. TS Eliot and Emily Dickinson and Neruda.

Words, I want to eat you up then spit you out in new and fresh configurations, none of them brilliant, all of them heartfelt and clumsy and embarrassing. For isn't that poetry, anyway. It doesn't need to make anyone happy. It only needs to be.
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One day soon I will properly get back to DW.
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Dreamwidth, I forgot about you!
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Plot marker, Cleveland cemetery.
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I crave belonging (I suspect we all do).
We hunt it out wherever it is to be found.
We band together in tightening circles
And bear the marks of our believed belonging in
The intricate carvings on our skins,
The unparalleled symmetry of our faces,
Our shared seeming inability to belong,
Or the fact that he said, ‘you, too?’

We search for our best fit—
A tiny head nestled into mama’s collarbone;
His hand in yours like hook with eye;
The three of you slunk against a rusted rail,
Together looking outward.

And sometimes we find it, but sometimes we don’t
(or we do, and it no longer fits).
The belonging we stretch for
Falls just outside our reach
Or abrades, coarse surface to coarse surface.
And we are homesick
Though this is where we’re meant to be.

Take your heart and wade on with courage
Through present tension to future tense.
We are rooted in earth but ethereal
Never full belonging
Where we won’t be long.
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This isn't the best photo.
You are high on Pepsi Max
and on life
and there's a cut on your lip
from shaving
(oh yes, this just in: you shave now).

You like Batman figurines,
the Wiggles, John Wayne,
Little House on the Prairie,
and you shave.

You chose to go to Sizzler,
oh most classy of establishments,
and I suspect the attraction
is not the food itself but the fact
that you are allowed to walk right up
to that creepy health hazard of a buffet
and serve the food all on your own
and onto your own plate
--as much as you want.
Am I right?

You are very much thirteen in this regard.
But you also talk about getting married
and having a job someday (farming and
being president are two favourite options)
and you like wearing slippers with that hideous dressing gown
that looks like someone wrapped you in a dead bear,
so occasionally you are also fifty-five.

But you are still a fan of snuggles
and Bob the Builder
and if you're being too bouncy,
your bedtime is nearer 7.30 than 8.
So in some ways, you will always be
six years old.
But in every way, you will always be
my littlest brother
and I'm thankful that your birth mother
chose to share you with us
twelve years ago.
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Friday: we are little girls, dreaming, dawdling, playing, and promising never to be grown ups, never to sit around and just talk. Saturday: we talk, sometimes, but we still know how to build treehouses and lay hidden in the overgrown green of the next-door paddock. Sunday: we forget our promises never to be grown ups because it happens, almost, when we were not looking. Someday: someday is here, and I have grey hairs, and I cry, but not just about the grey hairs. It is someday and it's not what we expected. It's harder than we expected and it's worse than we expected. But it's easier than we expected, and it's better than we expected. Someday: and there are other little girls, and they are our little girls. One of them dreams and dawdles and plays and wants to be grown up right now. We could not slow the growing up down, and she cannot speed it up. She looks at us and wonders why we just sit around and talk. But we realise now that it's exactly what we want to do, and it is good.
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It is a kind of familiar, friendly pain,
this stretching of unlimber muscles.
Mind reaches into memory and beyond it
into words, straining after significance.

I breathe heavy, bearing the weight of moments,
shifting them from hand to hand.
I balance images:
one, a laughing boy pressed nose to window;
two, thoughtless words like footprints
trampled without care over someone's heart
(from hindsight, they resemble regrets);
three, a fuschia, feathered sky.

I juggle them from mind to memory
and fumble for a unity to bind them/
bear their weight.
No matter; life is its own poem.

52 moments

Jun. 5th, 2011 07:09 pm
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I love that breaks in the schedule of the everyday bring with them the promise of headspace and the opportunity to step outside of the now and think ahead a little bit. I'm hoping that the next few weeks (well, those either side of a planned visit down south) will be weeks of new things. I'm dreaming of a new little etsy store, a new hair colour (not the grey that my hair is attempting to become), and a new afternoon each month dedicated to crafting (the Crafternoon! All welcome!).

But today one new project is moving out of the dream zone and into the here and now. Remember the beautiful 52 Weeks project I linked to a couple of weeks ago? Blogger Shaina Longstreet committed to taking a self portrait and writing an accompanying poem, one poem/picture diptych each week, for one year. It's such an excellent concept, and one which works side-by-side with my blog's goal: that of living an examined life.

Over the last week, the lovely Samantha and I have been chatting about how we could explore this project ourselves. In her beautiful introductory post, Samantha wrote:
This is the beginning of a journey. A journey that might further open my eyes to the beauty around me. A journey that just might change how I view the world. May I see the sparkle in the raindrop, the beauty in the rose, the joy in the eyes of those who love me. May I see the green grass grow, the glowing warmth of the sun, the excitement in all there is to see.
Samantha has chosen 'simple little things' as the theme for her 52 weeks project. I am going with 'moments'. I want to take notice of the moments, and I want to challenge myself to wrestle them out of experience and into words. Sam is focussing particularly on the photography aspect of the project, and I'll be paying attention especially to the poetry. Poetry doesn't come easily for me, but it's a good sort of hard work, the sort of work that leaves your muscles aching in a happy-tired way.

I think I'm going to enjoy the struggle to find the truest way to enunciate what is only felt or seen or heard. Want to join us? We definitely welcome your companionship on this little adventure of creativity!
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[personal profile] aseas_words made up her own little meme for me because she's that excellent. Feel free to play along, too!

Day 1. decribe a meal you had today
Day 2. decribe a person you saw today
Day 3. describe a place you were today
Day 4. describe a man-made object you interacted with today
Day 5. describe a natural object you interacted with today
Day 6. describe a book you opened today
Day 7. describe a surprise you had today

I like it.

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I made a post but weirdly it's not appearing on the reading page. Anyway, here it is, if you are so inclined.
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xaea's short little meme

→ what do you like to be called around dreamwidth?
My username is [personal profile] simply, but you can call me Danielle, or any variations of the same.

→ what is your life motto/philosophy/mantra/all of the aforementioned?
There is a God. He's real and personal and His son is my hero.

→ if you had to get rid of one, which would it be? hot showers or hot beverages?
Hot beverages. I don't drink them often anyway, but hot showers are so important. So very important.

→ in one sentence, tell me how you feel about laughing.
Laughing is one of my favourite hobbies.

→ yes, this question is cliche, but i love it! what would your superpower be? run with it!
If I could pick, my superpower would be helping everyone feel so at ease that they can become the best versions of themselves. In real life, my two superpowers are 1) being able to "hear" music in the vibrations of a glass or bottle, and 2) bringing the awkward into everyday life. That second one is more UNsuper than super, but you gotta take what you're dished out, I guess.

→ do you love freely and much or only a precious few?

I have the capacity to love freely and much, but I fear pushing my way in where I'm not wanted. But if someone welcomes my friendship, I'm so there.

→ do you break the rules or feel compelled to keep them?
I'm such a rule-keeper that I have to force myself to do tiny spontaneous things every day.

→ in your opinion, are inch worms cute?
You bet.

I welcome your answers to these questions.
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One confession:

I’m still learning the art of love*.

*I’m sorry, but now that song’s in your head, isn’t it?

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Two smileys that describe my life right now:

  1. o_O
  2. :#
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Three turn-ons:

  1. the opposite of everything on this list, obviously
  2. expressive eyes
  3. tallness
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Four turn-offs:

  1. making creepy jokes about “us”
  2. getting right up in my face
  3. a dead-fish handshake
  4. unwashed hair
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Five people who mean a lot, in no particular order:

I’m going to cheat a little here and squeeze more people in than I’m supposed to because, while this is by no means an exhaustive list, I can’t keep it down to only five. So bear with me.

  • The Carey women; you are absolutely my best friends, which is weird to some but the most normal thing in the world to us. I love that our relationship has no off switch.
  • The boys; Dad, Nick, and Tain, you are big dorks and you make me laugh.
  • Millie & Mitch & splotchesx2; I never expected it to be this cool.
  • Annie, Bette, and Fran; my cousins and bffs. I’m honoured to know you.
  • Staish; you are truly a gift of God, wrapped in the brightest ribbons.
  • Ruthieroo; I still can’t believe we’re practically neighbours. It’s the best.
  • Elizabeth, Ruth, & Miriam; you make my heart sing.
  • Carla & Meaghan; always, you guys.
  • Ainz & Kat; Creek Roadies unite!
  • My grandparents; my heritage.
  • My amazing aunts; I admire you ladies.
  • The Childs; you know us that well and you still love us?
  • Jane, Anna, Luke & Dan; climbin’ up the mountain, children, children.
  • Abbie, Caitlin, Tegan, Rachel, & Cara; you model grace to me and are such faithful long-distance friends.
  • Harri, Eb, Kandis, & Laurie; my western girls whom I still miss.
  • My online peeps; you guys probably couldn’t possibly know how much I appreciate having you in my life, even if we’ve never met (but I hope we do).

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