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Eternally late to the party, I am (just now taking a break from analysing Christina Rossetti's poetry and instead) formulating -- sketching out? -- some thoughts about why I'm here at Dreamwidth.

Unlike a lot of DWers, I still find a happy online home at LiveJournal. I wasn't over there in the early, early days -- I think I joined about 2003? -- and I've never been involved in fandoms or fic or anything major to make a song and dance about. That means that, for me, LiveJournal was always about the community of friends I had there. Therefore, I haven't been hurt by any of the dramas swirling around at LiveJournal. In fact, the only thing that really got under my skin was the switch from basic unpaid accounts to ad-supported ones. LiveJournal had appealed to me just because it was clean and ad-free.

Nevertheless, I'm still there, and I have some very real, very true friends among my contacts over there. However, over the years, my involvement at LJ has switched from random social network-style blogging to actual, sincere journalling. For some time now I've had a locked journal there. When I write, it feels like I'm writing a personal letter to a group of fifty or sixty trusted friends. I write about whatever I want and I'm not necessarily looking for new friends. And it's probably a good thing, because although it may be just me, I feel like LiveJournal is changing. It's not the busy, bustling hub it used to be.

That's why, to me, Dreamwidth feels like a whole different ballgame. Apart from the fact that it's exciting to be part of a journalling community in its earlier stages (plus: all the excellent usernames haven't been snavelled yet!), it also holds the vibe that LJ once had. People are sharing publicly, linking to valuable resources, exchanging, dialoguing, and aren't stuck in a rut. There's a lot more openness of content and a lot more idea-generating going on around here because people are looking to build on the basics. Plus, it's generous; free accounts, no disgusting ads, and lots of giving and receiving.

That's fun for me, and definitely appealing. While I remain a dyed-in-the-wool-LJer, I'm happy to be exploring Dreamwidth and meeting new people along the way. I think my posts here will reflect that.


Hmm, that was a surprisingly serious-sounding post about a fairly non-serious subject from a fairly non-serious girl. And especially dedicated to you, [personal profile] katiefoolery, who asked long ages ago what I'm using Dreamwidth for, and why.

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