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Sam Seaborn: How you doing, Bernie?
Bernice Collette, OMB: I'm not wild about people calling me Bernie.
Sam Seaborn: What should I call you?
Bernice Collette, OMB: Bernice is fine.
Sam Seaborn: But how will you know I'm your buddy?
Bernice Collette, OMB: I'm okay living in the dark on that.
The West Wing, episode 3.08

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[community profile] fannish5 : Name 5 characters you think would have a good time hanging out with you and your friends - in your world, not theirs.

1. Samantha Stewart from Foyle's War, because she's full of chirpyness and a happy amount of joyful awkwardness.
2. Sam Seaborn from The West Wing, because we could talk about writing and he wouldn't be at all condescending.
3. Toby Ziegler from The West Wing, because he would say snarky, morose things and I would realise that even gloominess can be funny.*
4. Jo March from Little Women because... of course.
5. Juliet Ashton from The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. We could have a letter-writing party followed by hot tea and scones, and I think we could probably go exploring some used bookstores together.

*Hey, why don't I just invite everyone from Sorkin's oval office round for a party?

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I've been trying to get back here to post for some days.

My little 30 in 30 meme has fallen by the wayside (but will be resumed). However, each evening, when I even think about approaching a journal entry, I realise I am rather worn out of words. This semester of uni I have my heaviest reading load ever. Quite apart from textbooks (of which there are many, and large ones), I'm also required to read about seven novels. At the moment, I'm juggling Geraldine Brooks' March, Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, and Flannery O'Connor's A Good Man is Hard to Find. I am relishing them all, only I wish I had a little more time for the relishing. I wish I could read them slowly and give each work the respect and appreciation and sincere, thoughtful mulling it deserves. Because I have a sinking feeling that, with so many wondrous books in the world, I will not go back and give these ones a second going-over -- and they really should have a second going-over. There are many good things about tertiary education, but one of the worst is how much must be crammed into each semester.

Completely unrelatedly, here is a West Wing season 3 picspam which will have you launching an instant rewatch.

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I said early on that I don't declare absolute favourites, but I might have to recant: I do believe The West Wing is probably the greatest television show ever made. A program centred entirely around the daily ins and outs of White House politics would, in the hands of most screenwriters and producers, likely result in a sure-fire cure for insomnia, but somehow Aaron Sorkin (and everybody else involved) manages to not just make it work, but make it great.

The characters are rich and multi-dimensional, the plot lines are compelling, the relationships and challenges are real, and the dialogue -- the dialogue is the very best bit: snappy, smart, and sparkling with wit. Someone called it the most literate show on television, and I agree. I feel sure that if I just made time to watch one episode of The West Wing each morning, I'd be charming, scintillating, and intelligent throughout my days. It's classic stuff.

Oh, and thanks to this show, I know more about American politics than I do about Australian. Yep.
A few clips because, well, how could I not? )

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