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Want to make a positive difference in the world? Do you have a stamp, an envelope and five minutes to spare? Well then please help me send sunshine to someone who is in desperate need of it.

Kathryn is a wonderful woman who helped raise me and inspire me to be the person I am today. I know a lot of people describe those that they love to be incredibly loving, warm, big-hearted, good natured, and just all around wonderful, but it has never been truer than with Kathryn. She brings a smile to the face of everyone she meets. She has been a friend to my family for as long as I can remember and has helped us through tough times. She’s supported her community through her church and by offering her smile and heart to strangers.

Though she has always been kind to others, life hasn’t been kind to her. Right now she’s fighting off inoperable pancreatic cancer, infections and a multitude of other medical problems I can’t comprehend. Kathryn has fought it all long and hard. She told my grandmother once that she could sit around and be sorry for herself or she could go out and live each day with a zest and fervor for life and she’s done that. She has continued to be a positive force in the world for others.

But lately her sickness has worked it’s ways on her and Kathryn is lacking in hope. When my grandmother talked to her a day or so ago she sounded worn down and like she was giving up.

This is where you come in. Kathryn loves receiving mail. Whenever I send her a letter she always writes back and tells me how excited she was to hear from me. It puts a metaphorical spring in her step.

Please write a letter to Kathryn. It doesn’t have to be long, just a note telling her that you’re thinking of her, that you hope she’s feeling better, that you’re praying for her, that you support her—anything. I want her to feel kindness from the strangers she’s helped, I want her to receive all of the love that she put out into the world.

Please help. It will take five minutes of your time. Email me at for her address.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Maybe think about sending a postcard?

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